We're pleased to offer a nice selection of Decoys from Various Regions on West Coast Decoys.  If you see anything that you'd like additional information on, please e-mail me at westcoastdecoys@gmail.com.  Feel free to call me at 1 (800) 942-0309.  Thanks for looking!

Paul Gibson

Mallard Pair

A mint condition mallard pair by Paul Gibson of Havre De Grace, MD.  Signed and dated 1976.  Purchased directly from Gibson by the consignor in 1976.

Price: $450



Art Birdsall

Redhead Drake

Balsa body construction drake redead by Art Birdsall of Point Pleasant, NJ.  Signed by the maker.  Excellent all original condition.

Price: $250



Roy Hays

Canvasback Drake

This is a great canvasback drake by a maker unfamiliar to me.  It is branded on the bottom..."#12 Roy L Hays 11/93".  It is also signed by the maker.  Interesting decoy, appears to have age that doesn't match the date.

Price: $175



Unknown Maker

Goldeneye Drake

This is a wonderful, folk art goldeneye drake by a maker unknown to me.  I would suspect it to be of Canadian origin and c. 1950's.  Solid carved construction and good original paint and condition.  Very nice, folky feather carving on the head.  Measures 13" in length.  The bottom is signed "J. Niell".  Uncertain if that is the maker or hunters mark.

Price: $225



Unknown Maker

Michigan Bobtail

Solid carved bobtail canvasback drake very similar to the work of Nick Purdo of Mount Clemons, MI.  The head appears to be intentionally loose (swivel).  Paint is a mix of original and old working repaint.  Measures approximately 17" in length.

Price: $175



Ron Koch

Teal Hen

Solid carved blue-winged teal hen by Ron Koch of Omro, Wisconsin.  Excellent original paint working decoy with Ron Koch stamped in the bottom along with D1 10.

Price: $100



Madison Mitchell

Canada Goose

Excellent and all original Canada goose engraved in electro-pen on the bottom "R. Madison Mitchell Havre de Grace, Md, 1958".  Measures 25.5" in length.

Price: $500



Unknown Maker

Roothead Coot

Original paint root head coot.  Age and maker unknown.  Very folky form measuring 12" in length.  Old copper repair to the back.  Branded "Mud Creek Hunt Club" on the bottom

Price: $250



George Warren

Redhead Drake

Solid carved and all original redhead drake by George Warren of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, c 1890.  Branded "C.H.C.T" and signed Dr. McKenzie.  Check out of the top of the head and lightly hit by shot on the left side (pictured).  Measures approximately 14" in length.

Price: $2750



John Dorsett

Bluebill Hen

Hollow carved, original paint, bluebill hen by John Dorsett of Point Pleasant, New Jersey, c 1880's.  See page 136 of Classic New Jersey Decoys by James Doherty.  Measures just over 13" in length.

Price: $2000



Unknown Maker


Excellent and original canvasback drake by a maker unknown to me.  Likely from Michigan.  Constructed of cork body with pine head.  Measures 15" in length.

Price: $150



George Schaub

Blue-winged Teal

Solid carved blue-winged teal drake by George Schaub of Baltimore, MD.  Measures 14" in length and is branded "GS" on the bottom.

Price: $90


Lisa Byrd

Pintail Pair

Stylish, hollow carved, pintail pair by Lisa Byrd of Saxis, Virginia.  This are signed and dated 2010 and are branded "5th Day Decoys".  The drake measures 19.5" in length.

Price: $250

Frank DeRoven


Original paint, solid carved canvasback drake by Frank DeRoven of Ontario, Canada.  The bill is repainted and may be a replacement.  Measures just over 17" in length.

Price: $150

Paul Lacombe


Original paint goldeneye drake by Paul Emile Lacombe of Quebec, Canada.  Measures 15" in length.  See page 74 of Traditions in Wood by Patricia Fleming.  There appears to be a signiture and a date of 1940.

Price: $200

Paul Lacombe

Redhead Hen

Original paint redhead hen by Paul Emile Lacombe of Quebec, Canada.  Measures 16" in length.  See page 74 of Traditions in Wood by Patricia Fleming.  

Price: $200

D. Douglass

Goldeneye Pair

Wonderful and all original goldeneye pair by D. Douglass of Ogdenberg, NY.  Painted with a "D.D." on the bottom of each.

Price: $325

Blair School

Bluebill Drake

Hollow carved bluebill drake c. 1870 in moderately worn original paint from the Winous Point Shooting Club, Port Clinton, OH. See Fish & Fowl Decoys of the Great Lakes by Donna Tonelli, p. 27 for a rigmate. This exact decoy was pictured in the 2007 Ohio Decoy Calendar. Measures 13" in length. Head is loose.

Price: $5750


Ward Bros.


Hollow carved brandt by the Ward Brothers, Crisfield, MD, c 1967. Signed by both Lem and Steve and presented to Mr. & Mrs. Amos Waterfield. Excellent original paint and condition with a couple of small areas of paint shinkage over knots on the back. Turned head. Measures 17 3/4" in length. From the Pitt collection.

Price: $5900 


Lester Carrigan


High head canvasback drake by Lester Carrigan (Rome, IL), c. 1930s. Paint is a very unique style for this maker and is protected by a coat of varnish. 

Price: $500

Vincent Goddard

Black Duck

Excellent and original hollow carved black duck by Vincent Goddard (Bordentown, NJ). River model with the raised wings and weep hole. There is a tail chip on approximately 1/3 of the tail. Measures 17" in length. One eye is missing.

Price: $400

Milwaukee Museum

Bluebill Hen

Excellent original paint and condition on this hollow carved bluebill hen attributed to a Milwaukee Museum maker, c. 1950s. Measures approximately 11" in length.

Price: $550

George Soule

Bluebill Drake

Hollow carved bluebill drake by George Soule of Freeport Maine. Signed and dated 1974. Measures 14.5" in length.

Price: $300

Stanley Alexander

Bluebill Hen

Stately bluebill hen by Stanley Alexander (Detroit,MI), ca. 1920s. Excellent all original paint on textured surface. Measures 15" in length.

Price: $250

Ben Schmidt

Mallard Hen

Excellent and all original solid carved mallard hen by Ben Schmidt of Detroit, MI. Nicely detailed paint and carving. Measures nearly 17" in length. Head is slightly turned to the left. The keel is removed and the bottom is branded "WG".

Price: $550

Madison Mitchell


Nicely matched solid carved pair of canvasbacks by R. Madison Mitchell of Havre de Grace, MD. The hen does not appear to have ever been used. The drake has light in use wear and is branded on the bottom "JFG".

Price: $490

Ken Harris

Mallard Drake

Nicely used balsa bodied mallard drake stamped "Made by Ken Harris, Woodville, NY". Measures 16" in length. Paint is in good and lightly worn condition.

Price: $170